Thank you Kristi and Dana for this insightful interview. The correlation you draw between finance and diet is interesting and one I've never considered. Thankfully I have not been one to diet but your points resonate deeply with my attitude around money - shame and guilt. Sheesh, even writing this makes me a tad quivery.

I grew up in a household of a scarcity mindset and it's a lifetime of work to overcome that sensation. Not once have I considered it in the context of food and it offers me a whole new perspective which is very handy given that I work in healthcare.

Thank you!

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I enjoyed this format. I think it works really well for this space, Kristi!

Dana, you said something I found interesting: "I see our culture treating money and wealth exactly the same way we treat food and bodies." This is definitely a tangible mindset I experienced growing up, but also as I moved out on my own and began budgeting for myself (during the 1990s). I am still recovering from this, and it messed my own eating habits up in weird, unexpected ways.

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Thank you Kristi & Dana. I love reading these and really helps make us not feel alone in our radical decisions of moving away from diet & Diet Culture.

I’m really looking forward to reading more of Dana’s work because the parallel with money (and spending) is something I’ve noticed in my own life but it’s also something that’s come up several times with my clients.

There’s most definitely something there!

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I was so excited to see this collab! Both of you are doing such brilliant, inspiring, comforting work. Thank you.

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