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Your father sounds like my ex-husband. I felt like I had to have the house clean, the garden in bloom and weeded, the kids ready and washed up and dinner on the table when he walked in the door. Roll out the red carpet, taking his lunch pale (which I had prepped with 2 meals for him while he was at work) and jacket so he could go straight to the dinner table.

He coached our son in little league and was extremely hard on him. To the point where one of his teammates told my son that he would commit suicide if that was his dad. It brings up a lot of hurt to the surface. I almost didn’t make it out of that relationship alive. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Thank you for sharing your story. It takes so much courage to get out of a situation like this. Every now again, I see dads like this and it just makes me so sad for those kids.

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