Kristi, first: Don't stop with Almost Sated. What you're doing here is very important and could be very well saving or at least dramatically changing lives. It is certainly meaningful to me as I start to edge back to the 30 pounds I lost over two years after a horrible transition year of divorce and dementia caregiving that left little time for focusing on my self, including how I fed myself and exercise level. I want to learn more about intuitive eating and you are helping me to do so. Second, well done on two newsletters a week! I see I am not the only (over?) ambitious writer here, since that's what I committed to when I launched my Substack in October. Third, enjoyed the interview with Jamie. And wanted to point out that Glennon Doyle talks about her atypical anorexia and her recovery frequently and openly on her podcast. She thought she suffered from bulimia all these years when a doctor finally told her it was anorexia, even though she was "normal" weight. It was the dysfunctional patterns of course that fit the diagnosis. Like Jamie, this diagnosis and subsequent treatment seems to be helping her immensely!

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